An Open Letter to the "Chunky Highlights Mystery Searcher:"

Who are you?  Where do you come from?  What is it you want with me?

Every day you do an Internet search for the phrase "chunky highlights" and come to my blog because I used that phrase in a piece a couple of months ago.  And it's got to be the same person every time, because, although a fascinating topic, I doubt that six or seven people in a single day would be searching for the same topic in such a purposeful, concentrated manner.

You vary your search technique with stunning precision.  Although Google is your search engine of choice, sometimes you try AOL, like today; sometimes an MSN search; and once you even Yahooed it.  And sometimes you want to know about "chunky blonde highlights," or "chunky red highlights," but, any way you slice it, you're all about the chunky highlights. 

I'm glad that you keep coming here, because you drive up my daily page-reads, and, competitive soul that I am, that pleases me to no end. But the intrigue is killing me, so I have to ask: What is this obsession you have with chunky highlights?  Do you have them?  Do you want to get them?  Do you create them for others and you're just checking out the competition?  Or are chunky highlights merely something you happen to be curious about and you're out there, scouring the internet for all the information you can collect on the topic for the sheer thrill of the chase?

And what type of information are you searching for?  Are you looking for photographs, discussions of texture and techniques, style recommendations, or what? 

I know all about chunky highlights.  I've had chunky highlights in the past, and I may someday get them again.  Perhaps if you share your motives with me, I can help!

Please, please, Chunky Highlights Mystery Reader - I beg of you:  step forward and introduce yourself before I die of curiosity!! 

Inquiring minds want to know!
Who Are You, Chunky Highlights Mystery Searcher?