Welcome to My Singular Archive
Queen of Denial/Lucky
In memorium.  RIP, Eliot.
Singular Style: my greatest hits
Singular Substance: the profound stuff
Jesus Wept
Straight to hell.  Oh, that's okay.  Don't bother getting up.  I know the way.
Error in the Skies
Annie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay Annie?
Poller Eclipse
Step away from the ballot box and no one gets hurt.
Reality Bites
And it's going to take a big chunk out of all of us..
Singular Snark: the fun stuff
What Will We Tell the Chill-drennnn?
Once upon a time in a land far, far away.....
Cardinal Knowledge
One ticket to hell please! Can you get me the group rate?
An Open Letter to Fred Phelps
A Godless nation turns its hopeful eyes to you.
Objects of Affection
Contrary to popular belief, I am perfectly capable of forming a close, committed relationship.  Just ask my toothbrush.
Unhappy Trails
Economy Class:  More menacing than a gang of Syrian musicians.
Rights of Passage
Dumb and Hummer.
Fat Chance
And the Sisterhood gets kickboxed back to the Stone Age.
The Weight of the World
Watch me as I offend fat people, thin people, and well-meaning spammers alike!  There's something for everyone here! Enjoy!
Better Red Than Dead
Because I'm worth it.
Party Like it's 1999
'Cuz 2003 sucks in all kinds of ways.
Say, You Want a Resolution?
Well, I want to change the world!
Wagon, Ho!
If we hurry we can just make last call!
Let Nothing Me Dismay
'Tis the season to be generous.  To me.
From the Desk Of....
A few friendly reminders from the Mistress of the Universe.

Cry Me a River
Or I'll cry a river all over you.
Curses, $#%@ Again!
What the #%&# are you looking at?
Bored of the Flies
What's the buzz?
Food and Whine
Do you spit or swallow?
To Serve and Reject
The customer is always right.  Except, apparently, when the customer is me.
Blind Faith
Held prisoner far from my urban comfort zone, I suffer through the worst blind date imaginable.  No, really.
Keep on Truckin'
Right off a cliff.

My Way on the Highway
Road rules to live by.
Singular Beauty:  the girlie stuff
Exended Benefits
Living in the Hair and Now.
Weighty Matters
A look at the BIG picture.
Midnight in the Garden  of Oz
Don't fence me in!
I am TiVo
And YOUR world will never be the same.
The Real Thing
I'd like to buy the world a Diet Coke! Belly on up to the bar!
If I Were the Queen of the World
Tell ya what I'd do.
Down in Front
Please tell me that was only a spilled soda my feet were sticking in!
Animal Husbandry
Ratted out in Boston.
Splitting Images
Double my pleasure, double your fun.
Penalty Fazed
On top of Old Sparrrkyyyy....